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Eric Larsen is an experienced public speaker who has a natural ability to engage audiences. Larsen brings a unique blend of skills and experience to any event. He is animated, poignant and makes concise analogies to real world situations.

Hear the dramatic story of months on the Arctic Ocean, 50 degrees below zero wind-chills, encounters with Polar Bears, avalanches and much more. These programs are approximately one hour long and feature stunning images and video from some of the most remote and hostile environments on the planet.
Recent Keynotes:
  • TedX Sonoma County
  • Google
  • TedX mile high
  • University of Colorado - Boulder
  • REI
  • Trek Bicycles
"(Eric Larsen) He was the BEST speaker I have seen to date at Uline. Well done! Very motivating! Captured my heart he is so passionate about what he does, it was awesome!" - Jenny Lockridge, Uline
"Following Eric's presentation, our CEO led the group in a discussion about the take-aways from the presentation and how it applied to our business. We came up with quite a list." - Robin Brotherhood, Advanced Waste Services
"We were exceedingly pleased with Eric's content and the superior turnout - about 500 people attended that night! We typically get around 35-60 people for our Leadership Skill Seminars; our students were ecstatic." -Deborah J. Mann, Cornell University
"The content of the program is unique in its capacity to draw in the audience... On top of that, Eric's delivery was phenomenal. He delivered a polished presentation that was educational, inspiring, humorous and contained a strong dose of the courage and conviction that addressing climate change will require." Chris Skoglund, University of New Hampshire
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Presentation Titles

1. Into the Heart of Cold - South Pole, North Pole and Mt. Everest in One Year
2. Extreme Leadership - Lessons of Success from the Most Dangerous Places in the World
3. Reaching for the Poles - Achieving Goals and Overcoming Obstacles
4. Living Dangerously - Crisis Management and Adapting to Change
5. Last Cold Summer - The Inspirational Story of the First Ever Summer Expedition to the North Pole
6. Dog Sledding - Find Your Inner Lead Dog

Program Topics

Climate Change
Achieving and Setting Goals
Project Management
Crisis Management
Adapting to Change
Polar Environments

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Each presentation features stunning photography, interactive demonstrations, video and actual expedition equipment. Time is provided for questions. Programs can be adapted for all ages and can be tailored to fit a specific audience or time frame.

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